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Title: The Road to Self-Actualization Is Littered with F-Bombs
Author: blue_fjords
Artist: themadfish
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Word Count: 24,811
Rating: R
Warnings: future fic (takes place six years in the future, so spoilers through season two)
Summary: It's Stiles’s final Spring Break of his college career, and he's got plans to do a whole lot of nothing. But Derek has other plans for him, and before he knows it, Stiles is joining Derek to go undercover at a couples' retreat in a bid to catch a ring of thieves. It's the world's most perfect plan! Nothing could possibly go wrong!

A/N: Many, many thanks to my betas and cheerleaders and Word Warriors: dizzzylu, kel_reiley, kriari and paragraphs. If you think a few of the OC's sound like characters from "Miss Congeniality," you'd be right. Written for Teen Wolf Superbang.

Art Post: Le Art
Tags: c is for cheerleader, challenge, dizzzylu - the extra z is for zoinks, fic, kel is full of idears, kriari is a goddess amongst women, teen wolf, tw: derek, tw: derek/stiles, tw: scott, tw: sheriff stilinski, tw: stiles

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