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Letter to Writer of TW Holidays Exchange

Months since I last posted, and voila, I'm doing a holiday fic exchange thingy. Here is my handy-dandy letter to whoever is writing me a story:

Truth: I'm copying this first bit from the sign up sheet.
Please, no character death! I'd like a happy ending and a generally light-hearted romp. Angst is fine as long as it's not soul-crushing. I'm not a big fan of open endings or extreme kink (heavy BDSM, watersports, blood play, breath play, incest). Write something that makes you happy, and it will make me happy.

You can probably tell I'd like a happy story! I'd like it to be Sterek as the main pairing, but you could have a dozen other people in the story and those peeps could be paired up together. Or not. Not everyone needs a pair. I am an OTP person, though, so let's keep Derek and Stiles together. Derek is my favorite character -- I would love for something awesome to happen to him in this story. I also really like Allison. She could use a good day. Specific prompts:

1. Derek and Allison have to investigate something together. Bickering/animosity turns to grudging respect. Perhaps there is pie. Perhaps there is the world's most awkward double date.
2. A Derek-Allison bodyswap. There is much relief when they are turned back.
2A. Everyone in the pack is body-swapped w/ each other. Melissa is in Boyd, Lydia is in Scott, whatever. Wacky hijinks. Sterek end game.
3. Stiles and Allison are super spies undercover as a married couple. As part of their cover, they move into a cul-de-sac next door to their mark. On the other side is Derek. Cue wacky hijinks. Bonus for Scott being the dude who stays in the van and reviews the footage, also while dating Allison.

Whatever you write, have a good time doing it. No stress!
Tags: letter, teen wolf

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