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FIC (Inception): You and I Will Be Sidecars

Title: You and I Will Be Sidecars
Author: blue_fjords
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Characters: Arthur/Eames
Word length: 7,345
Warnings: medical hand-waving, schmoop
Summary: Mish-mash of two prompts from inception_kink (summarized):
Arthur hurts his leg on a job and needs Eames' help. Arthur takes it in stride, but Eames is acting weird about seeing him naked.

Eames confesses that he's in love with Arthur, and Arthur is taken aback, because he's not in love with Eames. Yet.

A/N: Birthday fic for dizzzylu and dremiel. Thanks for getting me into inception, ladies! Title taken from the song "Sidecars" by Kathleen Edwards. Also posted at AO3.

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FIC: Backseat Sonnet

Title: Backseat Sonnet
Author: blue_fjords
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1900
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Cas
Warnings: none other than purple prose and wanton use of poetry
Summary: Epilogue to J. Alfred Prufrock Grows a Pair: It was three weeks since they'd come together, and another line was going to be crossed. (Basically, Dean and Cas in the Impala after a lacrosse game.)

A/N: So when I wrote a high school AU for vulgar_snail's birthday, I had planned to have a porny bit at the end, but ran out of time. Sacrilege! So this is for the tweeps that wanted the porny bits, especially qthelights. Special thanks to paragraphs for the lightning fast beta. Poems quoted in here are by: DH Lawrence – Love on the Farm, Denise Levertov – O Taste and See, Solomon – Song of Songs (I did change 'him' to 'your' in case anyone is checking), ee cummings – I carry your heart with me, Ben Jonson – Song: To Celia (II), William Blake – The Tyger, and Pablo Neruda – Sonnet XVII.

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FIC: J. Alfred Prufrock Grows a Pair

Title: J. Alfred Prufrock Grows a Pair
Author: blue_fjords
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Balthazar, Sam, Anna, Jo, Meg, Becky
Word count: 9,800
Warnings: none
Summary: Dean's a new student and Castiel is God of the high school. They get paired together for an English project and sparks fly.

A/N: written for vulgar_snail as part of the deancastiel Everlasting Birthday Challenge for the prompt of a high school AU in which Dean has a huge girly crush on Castiel. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Still your birthday in some time zone. This story owes everything to T.S. Eliot's poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. You can find the full text here. Many, many thanks to paragraphs for the last minute beta!

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And then this happened: Epilogue, Backseat Sonnet.

Happy Birthday, C!!!!

Today we celebrate the birth...of a legend. I am talking, of course, about the lovely and amazing paragraphs aka C, aka Homeslice Badass Red Velvet Eater from Texas. (Okay, I don't really call her that.) C is for cheerleader, and cupcakes, and curiosity, and comfort. C betas my shit and never gives me grief when I'm pushing a deadline. C is the reason I'm finishing my longest-ever story (and, uh, making her beta) and posting it NEXT WEEK for her birthday (next week meaning this week, I guess, technically, as long as I finish, please God, let me finish!). W/out C, my life would be much drearier. Huggles and kisses to C, hope to visit you soon in Texas! And have a completely kickass and awesome birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Milo Wishes C a Very Happy Birthday.

FIC: I've come to test the timber of my heart

Title: I've come to test the timber of my heart
Author: blue_fjords
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam, Balthazar
Word length: ~8,500
Warnings: Spoilers through 6x15. A bit of dub-con in the way that all sex curse fics could be seen as dub-con.
Summary: Dean has some issues to work through after he and Cas get interrupted during a sex curse.

A/N: Written for latvela in deancastiel's everlasting birthday challenge for the prompt: Lust spell/sex pollen! Dean and Cas are affected and get it on, but the spell/pollen runs its course just as they're getting to the good part. What happens next? I am very much a bottom!Cas girl, so I'd like to request that if possible! I was going to make this all PWP, but I'm me, so an awful lot of plot crept in, too. Um, happy birthday? Special thanks to kel_reiley for the beta! Title from "Hymn #101" by Joe Pug, which will be providing titles to all my fics from now on.

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The Dean/Castiel Everlasting Birthday Challenge

My birthday's not until June 9th, but here are my prompts for the D/C birthday thingy! You put in your birthday, your prompts, and then people claim them and write you (or make something arty for you) something for your birthday. No big stress! You can put in your birthday here and claim prompts here. For those curious, my prompts are:

* One of Raphael's henchmen corners Dean and Sam, planning to transport them to the Stone Age, but Cas disrupts things and the boys get transported to the year 1984 and Miami, Florida. Then Cas has to find them and get them back.

* AU. Cas is a superspy, Dean is his gadget guy, Sam is the communications expert. Cas is wounded and captured on a mission, and Dean and Sam have to step out of their comfort zones to rescue him. Bonus points for a little h/c Dean/Cas sex.

* Jo POV. She stumbles across Dean and Cas fucking in Bobby's yard, hides, and watches. Can be as filthy as you like, but a minimum of angst, please.

Birthdays are awesome, and I love them! And, yeah, Miami Vice was totally filming in Miami in 1984.

My Favortie Cookies, plus HP7 (no spoilers) and Piper's 13th Bday!

This year for Thanksgiving, I'm heading up to my grandma's, and there were no chocolate desserts on the menu. Well, that doesn't fly. So I made my favorite cookies and froze up a huge-ass bag of them to take w/ me to my grandma's house, aka the Land the Internet Forgot. Also, yesterday we went to see the 7th Harry Potter (non-spoilerish squee below the cut) and this weekend is Piper's 13th birthday! Sweet doggy!

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A Song of Ice and Fire -- article and pics

Sorry for two posts in one day, but y'all, I have to let out the squee. Entertainment Weekly has some pics in tomorrow's issue from HBO's production of "A Game of Thrones," the adaptation of the first book in George R.R. Martin's fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. I love this series so damn much! The last book, which came out, oh, five? years ago -- I was in Phoenix for a wedding, traveling around Arizona w/ some friends from college, and we were flying back on the Tuesday the book was released -- why, yes, I did plot our course from Sedona to the Phoenix airport to go by a Barnes & Noble so I could get this book! My favorite characters are Bran (pictured in the icon), Summer, the Hound and Brienne. Though really, I love a dozen more very fiercely, and ... grrr, I don't want to give away spoilers and talk about character redemption and shit! Anyhow, links to the stuff from EW: slideshow and a little article.

Today is smirnoffmule's birthday, and I just KNOW Entertainment Weekly did this article and these pics to celebrate him! Yeah! Happy Birthday!

One final thing. Jason Momoa is in this, playing Khal Drogo. Here's what he says about his character. “I think I’m naked more than I talk.” -- color me excited this is on HBO.
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Happy Birthday, cruentum!!

I woke up this morning at 11:11 ... John was half-naked ... and I wished Nick a happy birthday! As it's his birthday in his timezone. So many happy returns of the day to you. Here's some awesome things about Nick: he knits daleks, and writes stories, and eats pizza, and travels to Wales & London, and watches SPN now, and likes pretty boys, and knows everything there is to know about John Barrowman. And that's just on the surface! Nick is awesome b/c he's a loyal and strong friend, speaks his mind in an articulate way, and can be silly when the situation calls for it. In honor of his birthday, and his newfound appreciation of Misha and Jensen, I have made him a little birthday picspam. Starting w/ the following gif (as made by timey_wimey_kid:

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