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Rutabagas and Turnips

Been awhile since my last update, so I thought I'd check in before abruptly springing my 100 Things blog stuff on you. The topic I chose for my 100 Things is... drumroll... 100 Food Experiences. Some posts will contain pictures and/or recipes, some posts will just be stories of places I went to and had such-and-such a meal, and the experience stuck w/ me. Or it will be a rumination on food and body image. But most of these posts will have more levity in them. :)

As to other writing... I haven't done much (any) since posting my last story. I have two fics that I'm working on, but, hrm. I need to be more disciplined to get any writing done. I'm beta-ing a long fic right now, and I feel guilty for typing up this slap-dash post instead of beta-ing that, and even more guilty if I'm trying to write. Bleaurgh.

However, should get all the words out, b/c the Farmers' Market is fast upon us! I have an assigned spot this year -- on the corner (prime location) next to the pro bakers (excellent -- they're very popular and attract a lot of customers, plus they sell things like bread and danishes, not stuff that I sell, and none of their stuff is vegan). M and I are designing my banner and business cards. I feel very official. And am already baking, as work is having a craft fair the day before the market opens, so I need gadzooks of stuff for my co-workers (I work for a vegan organization, so they're pretty much my target audience).

And finally, this week is the one year anniversary of my dog Piper's death. I bought Milo a doggie cupcake at Bark yesterday, and shared some of the yogurt frosting w/ Willow the cat. I don't really know if dogs and cats recognize anniversaries the same as us, but they'll be good sports when I cuddle them extra hard this week. I still miss my baby girl.

On that note, I will retire to the kitchen to bake some cupcakes.

My kids are so damn cute.

Look, peeps, look:

Milo and Willow, butt to butt. They're such couch potatoes, cuddly and soft. My little sweet potatoes!

Happy Sunday, Happy March! Today we are watching movies that are the first of series which should never have had sequels. Just because something was wicked fun the first time around, doesn't mean you can get a Toy Story 2 or 3 each time you go back to the well. We watched "Shrek" and "Pirates of the Caribbean." There are lots of sequels that I like, but those two ... I could really do without their sequels. Am also beta-ing for paragraphs, the kind and generous, and attempting to write this thing for kel_reiley, the brave and bodacious. I've had this story on my list since October or before and was planning it for that 50 States thing for SPN (Maine). Basically, I've wanted to write Cas in a tight black t-shirt, jeans and a dirty white half-apron for a couple years now. It's just being a pain, getting those words out of my head and onto the screen. Write, damn you! Write!!!

What's up w/ y'all?

EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS! etc, again, some more

Sometimes it's just time for an update, ja? So many things to natter on about, I think I need to make a numbered list.

1. Trying to finish cloudyjenn's coda fic this weekend. Wish me luck! Please!!!

2. Have discovered newfound love of Tom Hardy, thanks to dizzzylu and also dremiel and perfumaniac. He's rather sexay, though I can see how he might not be for everyone. My SPN boys are looking at me askance. There is enough of me to go around, gentlemen!

3. Canceled the farmers' market this weekend due to... SNOW. In October. WTF? So be expecting another post on cupcakes for shipping! Woo hoo.

4. My sweet baby Milo is feeling a little ill today. Not stomach-wise, but muscle-wise. Though he revived himself for popcorn, and to take some doggie aspirin in peanut butter.

5. Went to a wedding last Sunday for one of M's coworkers. He and his wife are gamers, and in the wedding ceremony, the rabbi even made note of how the wife is a world-class gaming sniper. LOL. I have never been to a wedding where everyone just let their freak flag fly like that. I say w/ total love. If I ever get married, I think I will ask my father to refrain from mentioning the hundreds of thousands of words of porn I've written, however. Not that he knows anything about it.

6. Which segues into this meme I stole off of lionessvalenti:
If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach. -- Alfred Hitchcock
When I write a story, what do readers immediately look for?

7. And finally, if you haven't signed up for the Dean/Cas Secret Santa yet, what are you waiting for? Time's almost up, go do it now!!

8. (If anyone's wondering, the awesome Eight Legged Freaks is a movie I will actually watch w/ M during her horror movie marathon. It's like a throwback to cheesy creature attack movies from the 50s. Featuring David Arquette, Scarlett Johansson and Matt Czarchy, ten years younger.)

Come on, get happy!

Okay. I have decided that enough is enough. Let's pull Lloyd Doblers and just decide to be in good moods. But in case we need help, here's a post about stuff that makes me happy! And please do add stuff in the comments. Just as long as it doesn't intentionally shit on someone else (but if it's unintentional, eh, what you gonna do, yeah?). Happy item #1:

Rubber ducky, I love you! Chefs, angels, cowboys, and my favorites are behind the cut!

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so blue and kel take over the world. tonight. at 11:00. be warned.

hey. so we have a plan. on zombie attacks. if you are attacked by zombies, you must tell them not to eat you. and tell them not to eat me. you give them cupcakes b/c they are tastier than brains. especially SOME perople's brains. this is so. speaking of cupcakes, kel and alba and i are going to make som e tomorrow and it shall be epid. pr epic. epid is not a work. i don't think. anyhow, about the cupacakes, i got my official PINK LAMINATED registration thingy that goes in my "stall" at the farmer's market today. i am wicked official. that is what pink lamination means. ask kel. she knows.

the coolest thing kel did in dc toay was to fly a plane. she turned us upside. she turned me right round baby right round, like a record baby right round round round. i did not kill anyone. i am not a good gunner. don't put your offence in my hands. b/c you will die. and we sent mander and c and v pics from air and space. both air and space were represented. duly represented, which is a phrasse i love!

in other news, we have decied that jared padalecki is much better looking than sam. here is why i think this is so: jared has stubble, and he laughs, and his wife is hot, and i'm going to make him wear a pink tiara for our prom picture. sam, though we love him, is not as good looking at all. he's so serious, poor puppy. and they blow dry his hair too straight and shave him. how does sam always find the time for a quick shave? this is ludicrus. ludacris. ludacrous. i have no idea how to spell this, but that's wha t it is.

finally, to wrap up: sometimes i just love everybody. especially kel. b/c. and sometimes i drink a little too much, but not tooo too much. oh, one last thing, they have a quota for boobies in game of thrones. all these boobies, rndomly whenvere. if you like boobies, you will like this show.

milo getting his ears scratched by kel and he is blissed out!!!!

finally, go read kriari's latest fic b/c i love it!!!!

Piper, My Little Sweet Potato: 1997-2011

We adopted Piper from Washington Animal Rescue League back in November of 2002. We went in looking for a compromise between a pug (what I was aiming for) and a lab (what M was aiming for). Then we met the beagles. We decided on a beagle. Due to a mix-up w/ paperwork, we were supposed to adopt Claire, but we got Amy instead. Maybe. It's possible we got Marshmallow instead. It was very confusing. And since no one could actually say for sure what her name was, we had no qualms about changing it. She was a Piper from day one.

Piper and her fluffy tummy, back in the day (actually just a couple of years ago; I was slow to digitize my camera).

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Piper Passed Away

The tumor in Piper's bladder ruptured this morning and spread an infection through her bloodstream. They called us at about 3:30 and we went over there and got to say our goodbyes.

I'll make a more coherent post later. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers and hugs and support. It's really meant a lot to me these past couple days. Since we don't need biopsy & chemotherapy/stint funding anymore and if you made a donation for that, please email me and let me know if you'd like your donation to go to an animal shelter instead of her current hospital bill. (I have no tactful way of talking about this on two hours of sleep and a lot of heartbreak, so please forgive me if I sound gauche.)

We were really optimistic about her chances yesterday. She was one of the lucky ones, b/c her tumor wasn't blocking anything and we had options for treatment. She always took a licking and kept on ticking.

At any rate. Thanks for your support. Wanted to let you know. Will do a post to celebrate her life later that will be open to comments.
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Urgent Plea for Help

My dog Piper went into the hospital yesterday. It turns out she has a tumor in her bladder, which will require a biopsy and either a stint (forcing a passageway to her urethra) or chemotherapy. There are pros and cons to both forms of treatment, but we have time to plan as she is not fully obstructed. In the meantime, she's still in Critical Care and battling fever and infection. And it's getting really expensive. We need some help.

I think you all know how I feel about the Pipester. She's my baby girl. We adopted her in 2002 and she still greets me at the door when I come home, and runs to the window to see me leave. She's a total chow-hound and fluffer-nutter, and is my little sweet potato.

I'm going to open up a new LJ for donations for Piper's medical care, and in exchange, I will send you baked goods: vegan cupcakes, gluten-free brownies, M&M cookies, scones or cinnamon buns. You can start now while I get the other site up and running, I have PayPal (bluefjords at gmail dot com). Just send me an address in the continental U.S. and I will send nom-worthy treats to you or whoever you desire. A dozen cupcakes, a dozen cookies, whatever, for whatever you're willing to donate.

"Hi! I'm Piper and I like watching my mommy bake, in case she drops anything."

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Massive Updates on Everything!!

Peeps! Prepare yourself for a rambling post filled w/, um, stuff! Cupcakes, my dog Piper, soliciting advice on a new phone, and, of course, writing & SPN. Will the excitement ever end? No. No, it will not.

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And now I'm going to mosey off to write. Write like the wind, Bullseye!

Give me your low carb recipes!!!

Alrighty, peeps, I am looking to make some low-carb meals!!! Not no-carb, b/c that's crazy talk, but low-carb. I would especially like vegetarian or fish-y recipes. Hit me w/ your best shot! For your trouble, have a couple dog pics:

Piper and Milo say TGIF!!