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PSA: read the movie description before you watch it

So it's October, which is horror movie marathon month in the Casa Azul. I don't like horror movies. They scare me. But every year I attempt to watch a few. Last year I watched "Devour" b/c Jensen was in it, and that lol-tastic Sherlock movie w/ Gareth David-Lloyd. Yes, I was drinking. No, I wouldn't recommend them. This year, I said I'd watch "Piranha." We actually tried to watch it on Monday, but the blu-ray player died. M was not going to sit still for that, so we have a new, fancier one. And tonight, we watched "Piranha." Here's what we knew about it going in: it starred Academy Award-nominated Elisabeth Shue and a bunch of piranhas. Ladies and gents, we should have looked further. I was picturing about eight people on a boat in South America where, you know, piranhas live. The carnage I had in mind was, admittedly, rather small-scale. This is not what the movie was. At all. It's set during Spring Break in Arizona. I'm fuzzy as to how the piranhas got there. But they were sure as fuck there. I think it had the highest death count of any movie I've ever seen, including war movies. And Jerry O'Connell was there! As a porn director. I think it also had the largest number of fake boobies I've ever seen. Peeps, if you want to watch fake boobies, fake gore, fake deaths, fake CGI, butts being eaten and eyeballs floating away (and one memorable dick, which I, uh, thought was a sock), then this is your movie. You have found it! I still think I may throw up.

There's no proper segue for a thing like that, but here's something that makes me incredibly happy and I hope everyone signs up!

Sign up here!!

Ramblings on Motivation

Hey, peeps. Feels like it's been awhile. How's tricks? It's spring where I live, and I have a feeling several of us are having a little Spring Fever. Only it's Motivation Fever, aka "the fever by which it is difficult to finish anything." Well, I am DETERMINED to finish this fic I've been writing since February 2010, and I could use a little motivation. I think I am not alone in this. So this here is the Motivation Post. Stop by for a little motivation! For example:

"Hey, kids! It's taken me almost six years to finish a story, and I'm still not done yet! You can totes do it!!"

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Zeh March 1st Post. Also, actual question about cupcakes.

It's March 1st! Which means lots of things: it's Tuesday, it's a new month, it's the start of march_for_words, and it's Jensen's birthday! Hot diggity. I shall celebrate by eating a cupcake and going to work. Excitement knows no bounds.

Speaking of cupcakes, I would love to solicit your opinion in a poll or three. So amand_r, who is an awesome baker, is doing this thing where she offers her cookies for sale every Sunday, a dozen cookies in a package. Her cookies are totally yummy. She bakes them, then sends them to first come, first served requesters. Would there be any interest if I did that w/ my vegan cupcakes? I am going to do a trial run to see if it is feasible for A) freshness and B) costliness, as cupcakes can be heavy (therefore expensive to mail) and also no one wants smooshed cupcakes.

Poll #1711738 Cupcake Questions

Would you be interested in ordering vegan cupcakes?

I have been waiting my entire life for someone to ask this! Hell yeah!
Sure, those sound yummy!
To be perfectly honest, not at all.
Happy Birthday, Jensen!

Poll #1711739 Cupcake Questions

What flavor(s) would you be interested in?

Pumpkin chocolate chip, as they have no frosting and would survive best.
Red velvet, b/c I am in love w/ them.
Beer cupcakes. Beer!
Nothing beats plain chocolate.
Chocolate mint, bb!
Something w/out chocolate, sheesh!
The Jensen Cupcake -- pure scrumptiousness.

Poll #1711740 Cupcake Questions

Let's say you want cupcakes. What's a reasonable price?

$12, not a penny more.
Add $5 to the cost of shipping.
$20 flatrate.
One meeeellion dollars!
I didn't actually say I wanted them.
$2 per cupcake, 6 cupcake minimum order.
Is Jensen delivering the cupcakes?

Trial run this weekend, and if the cupcakes survive and y'all express interest, we'll see what happens next.

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Monday! Fuck yeah!

Yo, yo, yo!!!! It's Monday!!! Happy Monday!!!! I have not a whole lot of points to make in this post, except I think I've had a bit too much sugar today! :D But a few things:

1. Thanks to the lovely valancy_joy for the gorgeous Valentine! Soooo beautiful!
2. Both M and I voted in this poll: Most-dateable-character. I chose Chuck from "Chuck" and she chose Booth from "Bones" (he was my second choice), and we both chose Kono from "Hawaii Five-Oh." Hee. We'd have to arm-wrestle for her!
3. Okay, in case people are spoilerphobes, I'll just say this: the pics of Jensen in his costume for a certain upcoming episode are ridiculously turning me on, and they're just like, one-fifth of his face or whatever. M is going to make fun of me SO HARD when we watch that episode.
4. Have planned out my dc_everafter fic and am so excited to get to work on "The Awesomes"!!
5. Have a pic I don't remember where I got from:


beer cupscakes, yeah!!!!!

so dudes, i'm a littelt bit worse for ethe drinkies. see, we decided to watc "over her dead boyd" for bad rom com night b/c misha is in it. wow, he's in less thatn a minute!!!!! but he's funny, ha! hahahahahahaha. and i'm not sure if it's b/c of the mudslide and two pimms cups i drank, but that moveis was actually pretty damn funny. you know, paul rudd is awesome!!!

and now we're watching "you agian" starring kristen bell and her fake pimples and that dude from the losnte star show that got canceled. the thing about that show was that i didn't like the charactears and i 'm tiered if shows being challed "edgy" and critics saying that i 'm studid b/c i on't like them. you now, you can be edgy and have a charater that i can like. anyhowso that dude is waaaaaaaay cute and i wanted to lie him b/c he was sooooo cue. so yay that he''s in theis movie w/ victor garber, whom i love so much!!!! spy daddy!!!!!

and i made beer cupcakes. they're vegan and they have beer in them. the beer is from my ex-coworkers husband ppp it's belgain blonde ale. he's from belgium and he left the beer in my fridge and i don;t drink beer so i used in in my cupcakes. and they aste yummy!!

Random pics!!!!

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I just did something amazing!

I went grocery shopping on Super Bowl Sunday ... and did NOT buy any potato chips!!!! Not a one!!! I am SO PROUD of myself. I know this is a VERY SMALL thing. But potato chips are my downfall. And I would eat 80% of the bag. And I would have bought a big-ass bag. BUT I DIDN'T!!!! I need a reward.

Okay, peeps. Tell me something AWESOME you have done this past week, and I will post you a reward in the comments. B/c we're AWESOME!!!

Gratuitous Jensen Picspam

Okay, so the awesome alba17 is having her hotness poll this week, and one of her peeps was Jensen. WAS. As in, peeps voted him off! After I got over my shock and horror, I thought, maybe they just have not viewed enough pictorial evidence of how beautiful he is. Well. I can fix that. We must prevent this travesty from occurring ever again! Preview:

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Happy Birthday, cruentum!!

I woke up this morning at 11:11 ... John was half-naked ... and I wished Nick a happy birthday! As it's his birthday in his timezone. So many happy returns of the day to you. Here's some awesome things about Nick: he knits daleks, and writes stories, and eats pizza, and travels to Wales & London, and watches SPN now, and likes pretty boys, and knows everything there is to know about John Barrowman. And that's just on the surface! Nick is awesome b/c he's a loyal and strong friend, speaks his mind in an articulate way, and can be silly when the situation calls for it. In honor of his birthday, and his newfound appreciation of Misha and Jensen, I have made him a little birthday picspam. Starting w/ the following gif (as made by timey_wimey_kid:

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I can't believe I owe an apology to the funky Oreos!

So! Peeps! I have news! First things first: I am a tangential aunt again!! Woo hoo!! M's sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl this morning! Ring bells, bang the drums! This baby has a very round head. I winced in sympathy, yo. But damn, I love babies. :)

Second thing, M and I decided I got food poisoning. It wasn't the weird-ass fluorescent pink Oreos, though. We determined that I ate whatever it was on Thursday and it took a couple of days to do its thing before making itself known? I don't know; she explained it better. Anyhow. I know where it was: Thai Kingdom. This is funny b/c we said at work that we were going for Thai. My favorite Thai place is Mai Thai. We didn't go there. We went to Thai Kingdom instead and THERE WAS A PIECE OF GRANITE IN MY SPRING ROLL. I have no idea how it got there and they took the spring rolls off the bill. Ugh. I will NEVER, EVER eat at Thai Kingdom again!!! I don't care how good their pineapple fried rice is! It's not worth it. GRANITE!

Third thing -- I got my seating assignment for the Nashville Con (in June). I cannot read it. I have no idea what it means. Why did they have to spew random letters and numbers at me? How hard is it to type Row [x], Seat [awesome]. (It's actually probably really easy to read, but my brain has already shortcircuited over anything dealing w/ meeting Misha & Jensen.)

Fourth, I think we need some pics of my four-legged kids, right? Yeah, I thought so.

I love it when Willow sits on my shoulder! And this is Milo's serious face.

Piper in the Princess Bed (she and Milo argue over who gets to sit in it, but Milo always sleeps on my bed anyhow), and Piper in Alert Mode!

And there you have it!