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Rutabagas and Turnips

Been awhile since my last update, so I thought I'd check in before abruptly springing my 100 Things blog stuff on you. The topic I chose for my 100 Things is... drumroll... 100 Food Experiences. Some posts will contain pictures and/or recipes, some posts will just be stories of places I went to and had such-and-such a meal, and the experience stuck w/ me. Or it will be a rumination on food and body image. But most of these posts will have more levity in them. :)

As to other writing... I haven't done much (any) since posting my last story. I have two fics that I'm working on, but, hrm. I need to be more disciplined to get any writing done. I'm beta-ing a long fic right now, and I feel guilty for typing up this slap-dash post instead of beta-ing that, and even more guilty if I'm trying to write. Bleaurgh.

However, should get all the words out, b/c the Farmers' Market is fast upon us! I have an assigned spot this year -- on the corner (prime location) next to the pro bakers (excellent -- they're very popular and attract a lot of customers, plus they sell things like bread and danishes, not stuff that I sell, and none of their stuff is vegan). M and I are designing my banner and business cards. I feel very official. And am already baking, as work is having a craft fair the day before the market opens, so I need gadzooks of stuff for my co-workers (I work for a vegan organization, so they're pretty much my target audience).

And finally, this week is the one year anniversary of my dog Piper's death. I bought Milo a doggie cupcake at Bark yesterday, and shared some of the yogurt frosting w/ Willow the cat. I don't really know if dogs and cats recognize anniversaries the same as us, but they'll be good sports when I cuddle them extra hard this week. I still miss my baby girl.

On that note, I will retire to the kitchen to bake some cupcakes.

Update on my dad!

Okay, peeps, my dad had his lung biopsy yesterday and the preliminary results came back: not cancer. Yay! Still don't know the full story of what is wrong w/ him. Soon and very soon, yeah? Anyhow, I called my pops today at the hospital in Boston (my parents live in New Hampshire) and we had a HIGH-larious conversation. The following is a transcript (wherein I am Me and he is Poppy, as that is his grandfather name):

Me: Hey, pops!
Poppy: Hi, pooper.
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USDA rule of thumb on powerless freezers and other incidentals

Peeps! Been a long time since I did an update post. So much to talk about, too. To start this off, I want to rec this awesome Inception fic by golden_d. Baseball AU, rated teen and up, Arthur/Eames: Wait for Spring. Wicked awesome! Go check it out!

I've been writing a lot of Inception fic lately and will continue to write more. I still have three or so SPN fics going, and maybe more depending on how this season plays out. I just don't want to force words where they aren't flowing. Right now the Inception ones are working for me, but I still have SPN writerly thoughts. Going to finish that incredibly jossed fic for kel_reiley, for example.

Okay, so, TV. kriari and dizzzylu have been watching "Spartacus." There's a dude on "Spartacus" who has adorable dimples and is in a love affair w/ another dude. Surprising no one, I decided to check it out. Uh. I did some VERY JUDICIOUS editing and watched the second season in two nights. The editing is b/c, you guys, I don't like nudity. I know, what? But me and Tobias Funke, we're over in our never-nude corner sporting our cut-off jeans and looking at the ceiling. My, there's lots of weather today! So, yeah, I doubt I'll ever be a Spartacus fangirl (also didn't realize what was meant by stylized violence, but once I saw it, knew it was not high on my plus list), BUT all that being said, there are some cool characters on it and I'll be following along at a distance to see what happens next season.

This is getting long, so the epic story of the Power Loss of '12 will be beneath a cut.

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Greetings, O Exalted One!

Peeps, hey! M's family is visiting this fine day and they've already planned out their Alaskan cruise and I made them breakfast and lunch. We opened the wine at 11:00. As the icon says, it's 5 o'clock somewhere! Speaking of icons, I am looking for an icon of Santana and Brittany from the last episode of glee. I want a nice kissing icon of them. Does anyone know where I could find something like that?

So how is everyone? I had a very sad thing on Tuesday followed by a happy thing on Wednesday. On Tuesday, my uncle passed away. He's been sick for about three years now -- brain cancer. He had horrible quality of life for like the past year and really wanted to go. Incredibly sad and depressing, but I'm relieved that he's out of pain now, as is my aunt, who was his primary caretaker.

The next day, Wednesday, was my parents' 37th wedding anniversary. They met in Southwest Harbor, Maine, when my mother was a junior high English teacher and my father was a lonely soldier in the Coast Guard. Their first date was a blind date to chaperone the Valentine's Day dance at my mother's school. My mother wore a red velour gown and my father knew right away she was The One. My mother refused to marry him until she had known him at least a year. They got married a year and a day after they met. :)

I also wanted to thank everyone for the LJ Valentines. I was really sad that day because of my uncle and really appreciated them.

I think it's time for another glass of wine!
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Hello, Gorgeous!

(That's directed at y'all, just so you know.) Happy New Year and all that jazz! Is it time for a ruminating post? Maybe? I shall create a meme-type-thingy to make things easier.

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Anyhow, that's the update from me! What's going on w/ y'all?

EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS! etc, again, some more

Sometimes it's just time for an update, ja? So many things to natter on about, I think I need to make a numbered list.

1. Trying to finish cloudyjenn's coda fic this weekend. Wish me luck! Please!!!

2. Have discovered newfound love of Tom Hardy, thanks to dizzzylu and also dremiel and perfumaniac. He's rather sexay, though I can see how he might not be for everyone. My SPN boys are looking at me askance. There is enough of me to go around, gentlemen!

3. Canceled the farmers' market this weekend due to... SNOW. In October. WTF? So be expecting another post on cupcakes for shipping! Woo hoo.

4. My sweet baby Milo is feeling a little ill today. Not stomach-wise, but muscle-wise. Though he revived himself for popcorn, and to take some doggie aspirin in peanut butter.

5. Went to a wedding last Sunday for one of M's coworkers. He and his wife are gamers, and in the wedding ceremony, the rabbi even made note of how the wife is a world-class gaming sniper. LOL. I have never been to a wedding where everyone just let their freak flag fly like that. I say w/ total love. If I ever get married, I think I will ask my father to refrain from mentioning the hundreds of thousands of words of porn I've written, however. Not that he knows anything about it.

6. Which segues into this meme I stole off of lionessvalenti:
If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach. -- Alfred Hitchcock
When I write a story, what do readers immediately look for?

7. And finally, if you haven't signed up for the Dean/Cas Secret Santa yet, what are you waiting for? Time's almost up, go do it now!!

8. (If anyone's wondering, the awesome Eight Legged Freaks is a movie I will actually watch w/ M during her horror movie marathon. It's like a throwback to cheesy creature attack movies from the 50s. Featuring David Arquette, Scarlett Johansson and Matt Czarchy, ten years younger.)

Update: Writing, WIAD, Random Acts, My Kids

Hello, everybody! How's life? Good, yes? Ready for some random updates? Well, if not, that's what the backspace key is for! Sorry, that was a little lame. Okay, updates.

So. I am way behind in everything. Everything ever written. Or to be written. Let's see, there's the epilogue for Harkness & Jones; the final two chapters for "Carriage" (I don't actually think anyone besides me is anxiously awaiting that puppy); the Supernatural AU I've been writing since February and have almost posted one hundred times, but looking at my track record w/ WIPs, I have held off as it has so much more to go; my Secret Angels fic, which was supposed to be 2,000 words and is over 10,000 w/ more to go; and the next "Summer Realm" story, which I purposely made into a 'verse so I wouldn't feel WIP guilt, and what do you know, I have WIP guilt. Gah. I WANT TO WRITE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW!!! I HAVE IDEARS AND THEY HAVE TO COME OUT!!!

WIAD ended yesterday and I have some recs to make. I beta-ed for misswinterhill throughout the competition and once for cruentum. I am so very proud of them for writing such innovative, interesting and exciting stories. It's been a long time since we've had new canon for Torchwood, and it's hard to write a story that's not a repeat we've all read dozens of times (at least it is for me). But the stories they did here offered new insight, and I loved that. My favorite from the dazzling misswinterhill was My Poor Friend. Come on, it's about the Space Whale! It's awesome! And my favorite by the awe-inspiring cruentum was Anthony, which actually was an additional entry for a week, as it went over the word count. Nobody does original characters like cruentum. Bittersweet and lovely.

Random Acts
You all know how much I like Misha Collins. And if you didn't, I like him a whole lot! Everyone on my flist who watches Supernatural has already posted about his new charity, Random Acts. Then mclachlan on kel_reiley's flist made a companion vid to Misha's vid! Check it out here. Misha is doing a run on September 5th to raise money for Random Acts, and here's some of what that entails: aid to three specific orphanages in Haiti, aid to Pakistan due to the catastrophic flooding there, and Random Acts. Random Acts are just like the name says -- random acts of kindness that aim to help people in small, needed ways and foster a culture of, shockingly enough, being nice to people. I may have oversimplified that a bit. Check out the website for details, watch Misha's vid, RC's vid, and if you like what you see, you can donate.

My Kids
Piper's random act of kindness for y'all is her pic. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face:

Milo's random act is to show you all how handsome he is. He was a BIG help while changing my sheets.

And Willow's random act is to NOT swipe you. How nice!

So! What's new w/ y'all?


Peeps! I have a new layout!!! Hot damn and hallelujah! Many, many thanks to kel_reiley for designing this for me and putting up w/ my waffling back and forth. Rock on, kel! You are awesomesauce on toast.

Other crap going down: I got a terrible passport photo taken today! Yeah, baby! I have to say, if I go through Customs and the Customs Official tells me I look like my passport photo, I am going to have a cow. There will be a cow suddenly in existence at the U.S.-Canada border. Ugh, it's a terrible pic. But funny, too, b/c A) my necklace is crooked and sticking to my skin so that's attractive and B) the passport photo dude gives a free gift when you get your pics developed. It's a larger version of your shitty, shitty pic printed w/in a tacky little frame. Who in their right mind would want a memento of this? The pic sucks ass and the frame is printed as part of the pic, so it's not like you get a frame out of it. Whatever, I will be hiding my head in shame for the next ten years.

I also got new contacts today! Woo hoo!!!!! I can seeeeeeeeeeeeee! Now I need to get glasses to wear OVER my contacts when I'm on the computer (which is basically all day) to combat eye strain.

Which brings me to ... getting older! Ack! Birthday next week!!!! Holy shit. Still, it's better than the alternative. I have BIG birthday plans. (This is a lie.) I want to finish the writing of "Dr. Harkness & Nurse Jones" so I can post that puppy. I want to make myself a vid. M and I went to the Poconos last weekend, and on the way we listened to this huge compilation of songs from the 90s. I heard several songs I had never heard before, including the BEST SONG EVER. I really, really hope I can do it justice in a vid. I shall not tell anyone what it is until I have been able to make said vid. Then, on Saturday, we are going to watch ... "Stonehenge Apocalypse" and consume copious amounts of alcohol. As you do when you watch SyFy original programming. Misha fucking Collins is in it. Hence why I am watching it. And downing the Pimms. I will tell you all how incredibly awesome it is! Entertainment Weekly has already given it a D+ or something.

Other crap I wanna do soon: experiment on my vegan cupcakes. Oh, man, I want to try to make three different flavors: Almond-Blueberry, Strawberry-Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate-Raspberry. I have been dreaming about measurements and ingredients! This is bad. I must get into the kitchen this weekend and next.

In other news, my kitty has a fluffy tummy. I love it.

Update: VS Episode 13, Dr. Harkness & Nurse Jones, LJ Design

Hey all you party people!!! So ... amand_r. :) The Torchwood Virtual Series has just aired its final episode! Ring bells, bang the drums! It has been one funky monkey trip. Many, many thanks to xtricks for captaining the Good Ship VS. And putting up w/ us all. I think this may have been the largest group project I've ever worked on, and I certainly learned a lot. I am so over the moon with its reception by TW fandom. Check out the last episode if you haven't already!

It All Changes

And . . . guess what? Chicken butt! And "Dr. Harkness & Nurse Jones" is almost done! Yay!!! Part One of India is off to beta, Part Two will be off before I go to bed, and Part Three will be off before the end of the week! I am so excited! The Epilogue is half-written, too, but imma gonna post "India" before waiting for that to get done. Geez, this has taken forever.

Finally, I have procured the services of one Ms.kel_reiley to redesign my LJ layout.
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